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Top advantages of ABC Seamless Leafscreener / Gutterguard

Top advantages of ABC Seamless Leafscreener

Homeowners in broader Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong certainly face some challenging conditions from dust, weeds, pests, trees and often very high leafy gardens.

It is because of this that homeowners in New South Wales now consider that Leafscreener / Gutterguard is a crucial and fundamental component of their roofing system.

It doesn’t matter that your house is brand new or old, ABC Seamless can easily fit Leafscreener to your property.

We set out how Leafscreener works and then take a closer look at five of the top advantages of Leafscreener below.

Reduce blockage and leaks

Gutters without Leafscreener generally need to be cleaned more than once a year. This is because dust, leaves, twigs and other plant materials can form a thick layer of debris inside the gutter itself which can cause water to leak/flow into the eaves of your house. With Leafscreener properly installed by ABC Seamless, that debris will sit on top of the Leafscreener mesh and will be blown to the floor by the wind. See the diagram above to easily understand how our Leafscreener works to prevent blockages and leaks.

Saving money and time

Installing a Leafscreener system might seem like an unnecessary expense in the short run, but it will certainly help you save money and time in the long run.

If you are paying a professional to clean your gutters, having Leafscreener will keep the amount of times you will have to get the professional to clean your gutters at a minimum, saving you money.

Alternatively if you are cleaning your gutters on your own, since having a Leafscreener system decreases the need for you to clean them as often, you will be saving precious time, giving you more hours to spend relaxing and not worrying about your gutters.

Preserving your roofing system

Gutters without Leafscreener generally become clogged up with leaves and other debris. That debris is responsible for early deterioration of your gutters in the form of corrosion. Having a Leafscreener system prevents this from happening, preserving your roofing system.

Reducing the Risk of Fire

Leaves and other materials that have settled in your gutters can also be hazardous in the drier seasons. When trees drop their leaves, they fall into the gutters, posing a serious fire hazard during the summer. As the leaves dry out, they become highly flammable and can catch alight by embers from bushfires that are close by. Leafscreener prevents the build-up of leaves in your gutters, reducing the risk of fire.

Protecting your house from Pests

Leafscreener systems also serve to discourage pests from living and breeding in your gutters. When water and debris builds-up together, it creates a high-moisture environment which attracts insects such as mosquitoes and coackroaches. Leafscreener will eliminate that unneeded moisture. Another great benefit of Leafscreener is that it creates a visible barrier to hinder mice and birds from turning your gutters into makeshift homes.

If you want to know more about Leafscreener / Gutterguard or want an obligation free quote from ABC Seamless, the largest rainwater professional company in New South Wales, you can call us on 9748 3022 or fill in our online enquiry form.